Volunteer Highlights: Adam Boerner’s Fundraising Success

Adam Boerner is not technically a volunteer…yet. A high school student and Life Scout with Troop 38 in New Berlin, Wisconsin, Adam was just an ordinary kid up until a couple of months ago, when he did something extraordinary: he signed up for a Bridges to Community trip through his church, the Unitarian Universalist Church West, and spearheaded a massive campaign to support youth baseball teams in Nicaragua as his Eagle Scout project. And only a couple of weeks into his campaign, he’s raised over $700 and has collected hundreds of baseball items.

“I was already going to Nicaragua with my church, and I was thinking if there was anything I could do to help out,” he recalled the moment when the idea came to him.  “My brother has always been into baseball, and I found out that baseball’s a big thing down there.”  Bam.  Eureka. The perfect match.

Adam contacted Bridges to see about how he could turn his idea into a reality.  “I really loved how motivated he was,” Communications Manager Christine explained about that first call with Adam. “I explained to him that we work with First Giving to help volunteers raise money for their trips and for the projects they will be working on…and that it could also be used to help support his cause.”

They decided that Adam would spread the word in his community and lead members of his troop for his Eagle Scout project to coordinate coordinate the collection of baseball items, and use the First Giving website to raise money for the shipping, with additional money going to support Bridges’ programs with youth involved in baseball in Nicaragua.

DSC05192“Then, a couple of weeks later, I get this call from Adam and he explains that he has collected hundreds of items, and $730…it was that fast.”  Christine spoke to Adam who beamed about the 194 baseballs, 100 pairs of baseball pants, 90 baseball bats, and the list goes on.

“I think it’s gone really well,” Adam reflected. “I’ve gotten way more than I expected. Thanks to everyone that’s donated!”

DSC05208But Adam is far from done.  His Nicaragua trip with the Unitarian Universalist Church West (UUCW) isn’t until June of 2016. He hopes to continue to promote his page until then, and recruit some of the volunteers he’ll be going down with to take some items with them, as well. UUCW has been taking volunteers from their congregation and community down to Nicaragua with Bridges for many years, and next year will be no exception. We’re cheering for you, Adam, and so are all of the young baseball players we work with in Nicaragua! To help support Adam and his cause, visit his First Giving page.