Volunteer Highlight: Julia’s Story

Julia Conrad, a junior at the University of Delaware, is not exactly new to Bridges to Community. Her first delegation trip dates back to when she attended John Jay High School, where she was part of the Bridges to Community Club that met after school. Having participated in two trips with John Jay, Julia knew the BTC experience was something that she wanted to take part in again, and share with others. “I felt a real connection with BTC’s goals; it’s not charity work, but a sustainable program of making change both in Nicaragua, and also in our own communities back home.”

Thus Julia began the process of creating a Bridges service trip through the University of Delaware. This successful first trip visited the community of El Portillo, Nindirí in January of 2015, and the volunteer response was overwhelming. Fifteen of Julia’s fellow students joined her on the adventure, and the group was able to help in the construction of two dignified homes for deserving families.

10928904_345871618947017_5791535765675668410_oJulia also has some solid advice for all of our volunteers: “It’s important to come with an open mind; it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Spanish. When you’re in the community, the culture, you become immersed by being involved in an effort where everyone works side by side. It’s a privilege to be part of it. We’re making a difference and using this experience to do something good.”

We couldn’t have said it better! Congratulations to Julia and the University of Delaware for the completion of the first of hopefully many Bridges to Community trips to come.