Upcoming Trips

Open Trips

Interested in joining a trip that has been organized by a BTC partner? Check out our different trip offerings below to sign up as an individual, with a friend or with the whole family!

Community Engagement Trips

Our community engagement program includes projects in sanitation, reforestation, housing repairs and youth mentorship and education. On your trip, we invite you fully immerse yourself in the daily life of the Dominican people, empower a community in need, learn about another country and culture, and to practice your Spanish!

Construction and Infrastructure Trips

High School & College

Starting with Dartmouth College in 2002, Bridges to Community currently sends more than 15 school based trips a year, changing the lives and perspectives of teens and young adults for over 15 years.  Public and private high schools have been a mainstay of our volunteer efforts for years and we are proud of our association with some of the finest secondary schools in the country. 

Public Health Trips

Our Public Health Program takes preventive care and health infrastructure to the people living in isolated rural communities. Our projects range from workshops to the construction of health facilities and potable water systems. Our hygienic latrines and high-efficiency indoor stoves improve sanitation and reduce chronic illnesses. Our volunteers provide medical and dental care, with the goal of ensuring the health and well-being of all ages and providing sustainable management of water and sanitation to the in need.