Upcoming Trips

Ready to join a trip? We have trips open to the public (view the trip calendar) or we can develop a trip specifically for your group (contact us). Choose from one of the six categories of trips below and see when the next trip is beginning, then contact us to discuss your opportunities with Bridges to Community.

Business Professionals

Since 2003 Bridges to Community has benefited from business professionals volunteering with us through their company or as a team of colleagues.  These professionals travel with us for one week at a time, building desperately needed community infrastructure such as houses and schools, while also raising the funds to underwrite these critical needs.  Not only do these volunteers build a house in just one week, they also engage in a significant life experience that fosters personal growth and builds team spirit.


Water systems, sanitation and other community-based engineering projects are vital components of the 5 year plans Bridges to Community builds with the rural communities we work with.  Bridges is proud to partner with US National Chapters of Engineers Without Borders on several projects as well as other university and engineering professionals.


Bridges to Community is a non-denominational/non-sectarian organization that embraces all faiths and encourages faith-based groups from all over the US to bring a group to Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic to help their congregants find the joy and satisfaction in helping others in need.

Friends & Family

Many of the volunteers who organize trips under the Friends Family banner have traveled with us in the past as a business professional, members of a faith-based organization, a college trip or even a medical brigade. Our Friends & Family trips are exactly as the name suggests, one family, possibly joins another family and then invites a few friends to spend a week working side by side, for the benefit of others in desperate need of shelter.

High School & College

Starting with Dartmouth College in 2002, Bridges to Community currently sends more than 15 school based trips a year, changing the lives and perspectives of teens and young adults for over 15 years.  Public and private high schools have been a mainstay of our volunteer efforts for years and we are proud of our association with some of the finest secondary schools in the country. 

Public Health

Our Public Health Program takes preventive care and health infrastructure to the people living in isolated rural communities. Our projects range from workshops to the construction of health facilities and potable water systems. Our hygienic latrines and high-efficiency indoor stoves improve sanitation and reduce chronic illnesses. Our volunteers provide medical and dental care, with the goal of ensuring the health and well-being of all ages and providing sustainable management of water and sanitation to the in need.

Medical Clinics

In Nicaragua, for every 10,000 inhabitants there are 12 hospital beds, 9 doctors, 8 nurses and 7 nursing assistants. Although the national healthcare system is set to provide a network of services, most health posts, centers and hospitals are underfunded and understaffed for the high demand of medical treatment. Access to healthcare is also very limited depending on location within Nicaragua with access extremely limited in the rural areas.  Because of these factors, the national healthcare system depends on community health leaders, midwives, health brigadistas and international medical brigades to assist in attending to the health needs of the Nicaraguan population.