Third Quarter Brings Homes, Latrines, Health and Education to More Families

Another three months has flown by and I want to thank you for helping Bridges have another incredible quarter of hard work and successes. Since our last newsletter, 16 more families have received new and repaired homes–families like that of Esmelda and Marvin Hernandez and their two girls–and 15 other families have new latrines or biodigestors, all thanks to the hard work of over 150 volunteers and you.

Last year I told you how we were expanding our scholarship program in Nicaragua thanks to the generosity of several donors who are especially concerned with creating educational and leadership opportunities young people. This month, I would like to report that all 45 scholarship students from that program successfully completed their first semester, and clocked hundreds of community service hours. Meanwhile, in the Dominican Republic, the youth leadership committees that Bridges to Community has formed continue to astonish us with all they have accomplished and this quarter was no exception. Please read the story here which tells how 35 of these young people reacted to participating in a week long entrepreneurial workshop at the Derrumbadero Youth Center focused on helping them plan for the future.

In the area of health, Bridges to Community unveiled its plans for a state of the art health clinic in the northeast of Nicaragua to service over 18,000 residents, and is receiving more medical brigades as it moves to reach its new health goals. The United Nations has recently established new Sustainable Development Goals which include “ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-bring for all at all ages,” and Bridges’ new plans for its Health Program form part of the effort to achieve that. You can read more about those plans in our story here.

Last but not least, there are still a few trips open this year for you to join, like our NYC Professionals Trip in the Dominican Republic, and New Friends and the Fall Business Leaders Trip, both in Nicaragua. We also have some very exciting new trips to kick off 2017, and will be revealing them along with a new website very shortly. Stay tuned for more information.

As you can see, there is still so much to do before the year’s end. I hope I can count on your support to impact even more lives in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.