First Giving

It’s easy to raise money for your trips AND to contribute to Bridges to Community’s projects through First Giving Peer-to-Peer Fundraising. Use our guidelines to easily start your own page, set your targets, add some great pictures, and start spreading the word!

With your First Giving Fundraising Page you raise money to:

  • Cover all or part of your trip fees
  • Pay for the all or part of the project you will be working on (housing, latrine, school, clinic, etc.)
  • Support additional Bridges to Community programs or projects that you believe in such as reforestation, eco-stoves, economic development, and even other community-identified needs. Just contact Bridges for details!

And that’s it! You can put your fundraising page link everywhere–put it in your Facebook cover photo, pass it out at church or school, send an email letting friends and family know you’re fundraising, tweet it with a specialized hashtag, and more. You’ll find that people will respect and be interested in what you’re trying to do, and will jump to help out!

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