Scholarship Student Consuelo Rodriguez Develops Organic Coffee Business

Consuelo in front of her sign at the National Entrepreneur Fair. Left is Ivania Gomez, the Bridges Scholarship Coordinator.

Consuelo Rodríguez is a third-year accounting student at the University of the Autonomous Region of the Caribbean Coast (URACCAN University) in Siuna; from the community of Fonseca, Siuna, Consuelo has been a Bridges scholarship student since 2017. She heard about Bridges to Community in 2016, and the organization caught her attention. She says, “I love the community development projects that Bridges carries out in the rural communities of Siuna. The impact that Bridges makes in low-income families is incredible…and the scholarship program is great for young people who lack resources but have dreams and aspirations.”

Consuelo is an incredibly talented student who always strives to take advantage of her scholarship and studies. She has a 4.0 GPA, the highest grade ever in the history of her major, and was recently recognized with a certificate for having the best grades in her class.

Consuelo with her certificate for having received the best grades in her class.

In one of her career development classes, Consuelo and another student developed a business plan to sell artisanal, organic coffee, Essential Coffee, planted on Consuelo’s parents’ farm. Little by little, Consuelo and her classmate are implementing their business plan and getting the small business of the ground. They have been doing well with sales, and some investors are looking to invest in the business, as they continue to present their product to various companies.

Consuelo was even invited to participate in the 2018 National Entrepreneur Fair in Managua. At the event, Consuelo not only promoted her product, but learned about demand for her product, observed the competition, and came up with strategies to become more competitive. She is also taking extra courses at the National Technological Institute of Digital Marketing and Communications and is happy to have the opportunity to apply these ideas to her product.

Consuelo, grateful for her scholarship, also gives back to the communities and the organization; she volunteers for the family gardens project in Hormiguero visiting families, supervising their gardens, and giving them techniques and advice for their vegetables. She says, “I am incredibly grateful and strive to take full advantage of my scholarship…Thank you to Bridges for the unconditional support you have given us and for contributing to youth education for all in the area.”