Rosa Elena Lebrón, La Guama, DR: New BTC Home Owner

Rosa Elena in front of her old home

Rosa Elena, from the Gajo Largo sector of our partner community of La Guama, DR, is a single mother with two children, Alexis, 12, and Daniela, 5. She has a disability that prohibits her from working and taking care of herself and her family. Because of the strong sense of community in this area, surrounding neighbors have taken care of Rosa Elena since she arrived in Gajo Largo as a child.  

Rosa Elena’s son, Alexis, lives with other family members in an adjacent community. For years, Rosa Elena and her daughter Daniela lived in a tiny, one-room zinc house that was severely damaged by years of rain. The house was in such bad condition that any time it rained, the water would seep through the zinc roof and make the entire dirt floor muddy. Because Rosa Elena is unable to work, she’s never had the means to better her family’s living conditions.

When Bridges expanded our housing program to this sector of La Guama, community leaders and neighbors agreed that Rosa Elena should receive the first Bridges’ built home.

In February, Bridges volunteers, masons, and community members came together to build Rosa Elena and Daniela’s new home.

Community leader Ebanny Lebrón de la Cruz says, “We all decided that Rosa Elena needed a house the most, so we are so glad that she and her daughter have a new, dignified home. The best part about the people in my neighborhood is they are always willing to collaborate. We all dream of Gajo Largo completely transformed with dignified housing, which is so necessary to develop and grow as a community. We know that, even though she cannot express it, Rosa Elena is so happy to be living in her new home. It has changed her life.”