What We Do

Bridges to Community engages in sustainable community development that has lasting impact for some of the most impoverished people in the Western Hemisphere by forming long-term relationships with communities and bringing volunteers to help work on meaningful projects in housing, health, education and economic development alongside community members.


Bridges’ Housing Program addresses the dire need for safe and secure housing in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. By constructing sturdy cinderblock homes and repairing existing homes, we provide permanent housing solutions for families. Our program also engages beneficiary families in sustainable community development by contributing to reforestation efforts or a community fund that can be used for future projects, small loans, and more, allowing communities to fulfill their goals and reach their potential.


Our Education Program improves people’s lives, laying the foundation for sustainable development. We give children in rural areas access to education by constructing and repairing schools, youth centers, and libraries. We award scholarships and internships, making it possible for students to reach their educational goals. Our teen and preteen youth leadership program ensures positive youth development through workshops and seminars that focus on empowerment, self-esteem, and education.


Bridges’ Health Program takes preventive care and health infrastructure to the people living in isolated rural communities. Our projects range from workshops to the construction of health facilities and potable water systems. Our hygienic latrines and high-efficiency indoor stoves improve sanitation and reduce chronic illnesses. Our volunteers provide medical and dental care, with the goal of ensuring the health and well-being of all ages and providing sustainable management of water and sanitation to the in need.

Economic Development

Bridges supports economic development by setting up community-managed funds that provide interest free loans to community members for small businesses, agricultural inputs, and more. Bridges conducts diagnostic studies with communities to better understand their economic potential, and facilitate workshops and trainings for entrepreneurs, and community leaders to ensure successful business endeavors.

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