Bridges is Very Excited to Announce that the Hormiguero Regional Health Clinic is Complete

On June 22nd, the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health officially inaugurated and took ownership of the Hormiguero Regional Health Clinic – a project Bridges has been working on since 2017. After the ceremony, specialists, including gynecologists, dentists, nutritionists, and pediatricians, treated patients in the new facility. Over the last 5 months, Bridges installed cabinets, completed landscaping […]

Happy Father’s Day: Father Cedano & Family Now Have a Safe Home to Raise Children

Cedano Angomas, 36, lives in La Guama, Dominican Republic with his wife, Gabriela, 29, and four children: Grini, 11, Cedayli, 10, Trimel, 5, and Qioli, 3. Cedano works as a handyman and also harvests beans and pigeon peas on his father’s farm. Both Cedano and his wife Gabriela have lived in La Guama their whole […]

Bill Pence, Bridges Volunteer and Father, Explains Profound Impact of Bridges Experience

Bill Pence, Bedford NY, went on his very first Bridges trip to the Dominican Republic with his son Henry, 16, this past February. Henry had gone on a Bridges trip to Nicaragua the previous year in 2018 and, after hearing about how great the experience was for Henry, Bill decided to go with his son. […]

Jerónimo Morales: Father, Husband, Farmer & Student

Jerónimo Antonio Morales, 32 years old, is the father of three young girls who are 10, 8, and 3 years old. Due to economic circumstances, he had to abandon his studies after finishing elementary school; at this time, he began to work as a day laborer in order to help his parents to support the […]

New Chicken Farm Project Aims to Increase Income for Families in Hormiguero

This year, Bridges began a new chicken farm project in the community of Hormiguero, Siuna. Three families (18 people) from Hormiguero are currently participating in the pilot program. At the beginning of the project, the three families received training and workshops on broiler chicken management including fattening chickens and properly caring for them to ensure […]

Happy Mother’s Day: Scholarship Student Deyling Motivated by Son to Finish her Studies

Deyling Samara, 20, is a Bridges to Community scholarship student from Sasle, Jinotega. She is in her second year of university in Jinotega studying languages and literature. She is also mother to an 8-month-old baby, Leder Emir. Deyling has always been a dedicated student and recognized by her teachers for her schoolwork. She was in […]

Happy Mother’s Day: Fatima Reyes Receives First Home in La Guama, DR

Fatima, 49, lives with her father, Tinguilo, 72, and children: Valentina, 18, Alcibiades, 15, and Yomaira, 13 in our newest partner community of La Guama. A farming family, they survive on the income they make farming beans and Fatima’s menial salary as a cook at the local elementary school. Their old home was built of […]

Alisa Swidler’s Bridges Trip with Daughters Rosie & Ava

Alisa Swidler and two of her daughters, Rosie, 15, and Ava, 14, went on their first Bridges trip to La Guama, DR in February with Temple Sharaay Tefila. Passionate about philanthropy, Alisa has volunteered both locally and in different countries around the world working on food poverty, global health projects, schools, blood banks, and clinics […]

Celebrating the Mother’s of Bridges: Marbely & Her New Home

Marbely Auxiliadora Picado Vega, 29 years old, is a single mother to two children, Cristel Edith, 14, and Delvin Antonio, 8 and lives in our partner community of San Joaquin, Nindirí. She works in agriculture as a field hand on several nearby farms and earns about $160 per month. Though she only studied through 4th […]

Celebrating the Mothers of Bridges: Lori Lahn & Her Bridges Family

Lori Lahn is a believer in the Bridges experience and her family is a Bridges family. She has been on 6 Bridges trips in total and brought at least one of her children with her on all but one of those trips. She took her very first Bridges trip to the Dominican Republic with her […]