Happy Mother’s Day: Fatima Reyes Receives First Home in La Guama, DR

Fatima, 49, lives with her father, Tinguilo, 72, and children: Valentina, 18, Alcibiades, 15, and Yomaira, 13 in our newest partner community of La Guama. A farming family, they survive on the income they make farming beans and Fatima’s menial salary as a cook at the local elementary school. Their old home was built of […]

Alisa Swidler’s Bridges Trip with Daughters Rosie & Ava

Alisa Swidler and two of her daughters, Rosie, 15, and Ava, 14, went on their first Bridges trip to La Guama, DR in February with Temple Sharaay Tefila. Passionate about philanthropy, Alisa has volunteered both locally and in different countries around the world working on food poverty, global health projects, schools, blood banks, and clinics […]

Celebrating the Mother’s of Bridges: Marbely & Her New Home

Marbely Auxiliadora Picado Vega, 29 years old, is a single mother to two children, Cristel Edith, 14, and Delvin Antonio, 8 and lives in our partner community of San Joaquin, Nindirí. She works in agriculture as a field hand on several nearby farms and earns about $160 per month. Though she only studied through 4th […]

Celebrating the Mothers of Bridges: Lori Lahn & Her Bridges Family

Lori Lahn is a believer in the Bridges experience and her family is a Bridges family. She has been on 6 Bridges trips in total and brought at least one of her children with her on all but one of those trips. She took her very first Bridges trip to the Dominican Republic with her […]

Honoring Bridges Mothers: Belkis Medina Vicente, Caimonial, DR

Belkis Medina Vicente, 36, lives in our partner community of Caimonial, DR with her seven children ranging in age from 4-22 years old. Three of her children, Jose, 17, Celanny, 19, and Alexis, 14, participate in Bridges’ youth program. Belkis, whose family works in agriculture and does not know how to read or write herself […]

Honoring Bridges Mothers: Wendi Silverman & Daughter Amanda’s Experience in the DR

Wendi Silverman and her daughter Amanda, 15 years old, went on their very first Bridges trip to La Guama, Dominican Republic in February with Temple Shaaray Tefila in Bedford, NY. Wendi’s older son Matt had been on a Bridges trip to Nicaragua several years prior, and it was “an incredible and life-changing experience” so when […]

Jim Agnello, Class of 2004: Bridges Creates Community & Teaches Empathy

Jim Agnello, Reunion Class of 2004, became involved with Bridges by accident. Since his first trip, he has been a firm believer in Bridges’ work. As a guidance counselor at Bronxville High School, he was asked to take over and chaperone a Bridges trip just two weeks prior because the teacher organizing the trip was […]

Bart & Diana Tyler, Co-Founders & Bridges Class of 1994

Bart and Diana Tyler helped bring Bridges into existence. They traveled separately to Nicaragua on two trips in 1993 organized by Bill Daniels and Carter Via and returned so passionate about Nicaragua that they, along with Karla Diserens, were moved to formalize Bridges as a 501c3 and to bring down others to work on projects […]

Pam Michels and Steven Rosenblatt, Class of 2014: Bridges Gives Perspective

Pam Michels and Steven Rosenblatt, Bridges Trip Class of 2014, have been on 4 and 5 Bridges trips, respectively. After their first Bridges trip, both were hooked. When Pam went on her first Bridges trip, it was “a personal transition year” for her. She was preparing to leave work after getting a buyout from her […]

Brothers Receive Bridges House After Their Home Burned Down in a Fire

Brothers Norsel and Liberato Ramírez Morillo were born in Caimonial, DR and have lived their whole lives in the community. They are also deaf and communicate with others through gestures. Nelson and Liberato had their own home, but the house burned down completely after a fire of unknown origin started about 4 years ago. Left […]