New Bridges Homes Provide Security for Families to Grow

The house where the family previously lived. Pictured: Albillenny, Nancy & Narciso.

Albillenny Morillo, 23 years old, is one of the most recent Caimonial, DR community members to receive a new home, along with her husband Narciso (30), daughters Nancy (7) and Anlenn (1). Albillenny is especially grateful because the house was finished in time to welcome her soon-to-be-born baby, due to be born this week.

Albillenny and her husband Narciso work in agriculture and plant beans, pigeon peas, avocado, and corn. Because of their economic situation, they had no home of their own previously and instead lived off of the generosity of relatives who agreed to take them in. In

The family’s new home.

their most recent house, owned by her husband’s family, the conditions were cramped, as another family also lived there. The roof also leaked, getting the family wet when it rained, and the walls of the house were rotting. As Albillenny puts it, “It was not an ideal environment for my children to grow up in.”

Now Albillenny and Narciso have a study home of their own to raise their young children. Albillenny says, “I am so grateful to the group who came to build my house and to Bridges to Community for supporting us with this home. I feel proud of my new home…and I am so happy that my children, especially can grow up in a safe, secure home without a leaky roof, especially the newest member of the family who will be born anytime now…it’s all a mother wants for her children.”