Micro-Loan Funds Computer Class for Jinotega Community Leaders

Angélica Peralta

Community leaders from Sasle and El Mojón (Jinotega, Nicaragua) worked together to organize and fund a computer class for their local credit committees. The Sasle community fund loaned $1,222USD, and the El Mojón loaned $1,375USD for this 6-month computer class, which provides an official “Microcomputer Operator” certificate upon completion.

14 community leaders in total, 7 from Sasle and 7 from El Mojón, are participating in the course. The community leaders are a diverse group of day laborers, farmers, and housewives, and the majority had never touched a computer before. They aim to use their new skills to devise a better tracking system for their community needs, outstanding micro-loans, and micro-loan applications; they currently use pen and paper to manage the community funds. 

Angélica Peralta, housewife and treasurer of the El Mojón committee, says, “It has been a marvelous experience for me. Before, I felt ashamed because I didn’t know how to use the computer, but now I know that I will learn to use it. I am happy that I will be able to work more efficiently on behalf of my community.”

Orlando Zeas

The computer class will not only allow the leaders to better their work in service of their community but is also a significant personal achievement. The majority of the community leaders did not complete high school, and the certificate given at the end of the course will open job opportunities for them in the future.

Orlando Zeas, El Mojón community leader, farmer, and father of 8, says, “This is a great opportunity for me. I didn’t finish elementary school, and I never thought I would be able to study again. I am excited to learn, and I want to teach my children to use the computer too.”