Kenia Murillo Meza: “There is No Goal I Can’t Achieve With Determination”

Kenia Murillo Meza is a Bridges scholarship student from the community of San Joaquin, Nindirí. Kenia has a busy schedule: she studies primary education in Managua on Saturdays and, during the week, she works as a preschool teacher in the community of Papayal, Nindirí.

A very determined woman, Kenia has worked hard and kept an iron focus on her studies despite competing priorities. After her first year of studies, Kenia got pregnant. She says, “I knew it wouldn’t be easy to study, work, and go through pregnancy at the same time. There were a lot of difficult moments. I got discouraged and tired. Many people criticized me, saying that I should give up on my studies and [concentrate on motherhood].

However, I knew how much I wanted to achieve my goal and become a teacher, so I didn’t listen. I also had the added motivation of working toward a better life for my child, and so,  I persevered, working hard toward my goal. I continued to receive good grades in my classes, and many other people admired my conviction. Now I know there is no goal I cannot achieve with determination.

Thanks to God, Bridges to Community, and my family who continued to believe in me, today I have a beautiful, 14-month-old baby, and I am so close to finishing my studies. It has been a wonderful gift to be a mother, and I am proud of myself that I have been able to stick to my goal despite the obstacles I have faced. I know I will be able to achieve any goal I set my mind to in the future.”

Just like our dedicated volunteers and donors, Bridges’ scholarship students in Nicaragua are dedicated to giving back to their communities; all of our scholarship students volunteer in their communities. Kenia tutors students who are having trouble with school, and has been active supporting Bridges’ housing project in her community.