Our Commitment to Your Safety

We strive to keep you safe and healthy on every BTC experience with us

  • Staff is CPR and First Aid certified by the National Heart Assocation annually
  • On site vehicle at all times
  • 24/7 accompaniment by BTC bilingual staff
  • Private transportation
  • Vetted restaurants, hotels and resorts
  • Cook staff trained in hygiene, correct food handling and common dietary restrictions
  • All food prepared with purified water
  • Purified water available at all times

2019 Bridges to Community Safety Statement Regarding the Dominican Republic

Bridges to Community is committed to the safety of all of our volunteers. For over thirty years our work has required us to ensure a safe environment for shared learning. To maintain safety we carefully screen and select our partner communities and our accommodation providers. We develop good relationships with the community leaders and the managers of the hotels where we stay.

During a volunteer experience in the Dominican Republic, volunteers stay at hotels Santo Domingo and Juan Dolio. We have been using these hotels in these communities for several years and have not experienced problems. They are located in known touristic locations and have additional services to ensure the safety of travelers, including additional security and a tourist police force.

We consistently monitor the US State Department website for travel advisories. The US State Department travel advisory level for the Dominican Republic is currently a 2. Guidelines for traveling to a country with a level 2 advisory can be found on their website, https://travel.state.gov. Other countries that are at level 2 include Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and France. Recent articles dated June 24, 2019, also quoted State Department officials saying the following: “At this point, there’s no evidence that the spate of death and illness in the Dominican Republic this year is out of the ordinary for any popular tourist destination…it has seen no unusual spike in deaths reported from the country.” 

We are following the news of the recent incidents in the Dominican Republic, and want to assure you that the did not happen in areas of the country that we visit with volunteers, and that the itinerary your group will follow does not put them in locations of high risk at any time. We are responsible for your safety when you sign up as a trip participant, and we assure you that in the case that we need to take action to ensure your safety, we will not hesitate to do so.

We appreciate the trust that volunteers place in Bridges to Community when they travel with us. We are diligent in our efforts to honor this trust and keep them safe. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

The Bridges Team