Happy Mother’s Day: Scholarship Student Deyling Motivated by Son to Finish her Studies

Deyling and her son

Deyling Samara, 20, is a Bridges to Community scholarship student from Sasle, Jinotega. She is in her second year of university in Jinotega studying languages and literature. She is also mother to an 8-month-old baby, Leder Emir.

Deyling has always been a dedicated student and recognized by her teachers for her schoolwork. She was in her first year of studies at university when she found out she would become a mom. Though she knew it would be difficult to continue in her studies while a new mom, she was determined to continue and remains committed to her studies and her goal of becoming a professional.

Deyling says, “My biggest challenge is organizing my time with so much on my plate, but little by little I have found a balance between dedicating time to my family and my studies. I am so grateful that my mother and my husband are so supportive of me and help take care of my son when I am in class.

My son has become my primary motivator; I want him to be proud of his mother. What I desire most in this world is to finish my studies, become a professional, and give both my son and my family a better future. I hope to be able to find a good job in my field of study so that I can eventually have my own house as well. I hope to be an example of a strong woman who fights hard for her son.”