Happy Mother’s Day: Mireya del Carmen Lopez Saravia, El Portillo, Nindirí, Nicaragua

Mireya Lopez Saravia, a hard-working mother to three children, lives in our partner community, El Portillo, Nindirí, Nicaragua. Her family received a Bridges home in 2011, and she has been a community leader for many years, currently serving as treasurer. Mireya participated in all of Bridges’ programs and projects in her community and was especially active in the Reforestation project; she was in charge of promoting the project in her sector of El Portillo.

Because Mireya’s husband is retired, she had already opened a small corner store to help support her family. Ever an entrepreneur, Mireya embarked on a new business in 2017. Using her savings from the store, she bought tamarind fruit from her neighbors in El Portillo and sold it at the market in Masaya. The venture generated extra income for her family. With this small-scale success, Mireya decided to expand. Thanks to the  El Portillo community fund, she was able to take out two loans to buy tamarind trees and further grow her business.

Mireya’s most recent goal was to generate USD1,244.44 from December to April of this year from her tamarind business. Not only did she make her goal, but exceeded it. She made USD1,315.92 in revenue for the business, which gives her family USD566.29 in new income. 

Mireya’s business benefits other community members in El Portillo; many families sell her tamarind fruit to generate extra income. Additionally, Mireya employs four people as part of her tamarind enterprise. Mireya says, “We are so grateful to Bridges for all the projects that Bridges introduced. We, as a community, are continuing Bridges’ work through the community fund. I myself have greatly benefited from the loans I received to help support my family and grow my business.”