Happy Mother’s Day: Fatima Reyes Receives First Home in La Guama, DR

Fatima cooking for the masons during the construction of the house.

Fatima, 49, lives with her father, Tinguilo, 72, and children: Valentina, 18, Alcibiades, 15, and Yomaira, 13 in our newest partner community of La Guama. A farming family, they survive on the income they make farming beans and Fatima’s menial salary as a cook at the local elementary school. Their old home was built of rotten wood and rusted zinc with a dirt floor; the roof also leaked, and the family would get wet when it rained.

Fatima’s new house.

Fatima Reyes and her family are the recipients of the first Bridges house built in La Guama. Fatima’s daughter, Mary, who lives close by, says, “I feel so happy for my mom and other family living in the new house. This new house really means something important to my mom. It’s a dream come true. Growing up, my mom did everything she could for us children, but because of her economic situation, was never able to build her house, though she always dreamed of one day building it. She always put her children and others first.  It’s a marvel that she has her own house; I know she is so happy.  My mom can rest easy knowing she has her own home. I’m happy because the new house is much more dignified and adequate and I know my mom and my brothers and sisters won’t get wet anymore when it rains.”