Happy Father’s Day: Father Cedano & Family Now Have a Safe Home to Raise Children

Cedano Angomas, 36, lives in La Guama, Dominican Republic with his wife, Gabriela, 29, and four children: Grini, 11, Cedayli, 10, Trimel, 5, and Qioli, 3. Cedano works as a handyman and also harvests beans and pigeon peas on his father’s farm. Both Cedano and his wife Gabriela have lived in La Guama their whole lives, and their families have lived more than 100 years in the community.

Cedano and his family received a new Bridges home in February and moved into their new home in March. He says, “We love our new home. It means something very significant. It signifies a huge step in human progress because my family has moved a step up from poverty; we have advanced to live in a dignified and comfortable home, and this is a legacy I can leave my children.

Cedano & family in front of their new home.

My family and I loved working with the group of volunteers from the US who came to work on my home. They were very young and worked very hard; everything they did they did with their hearts, and we tried to do the same working alongside them. They are always welcome in my house; they are my family too.

As a leader in my community, I am so excited to be working with Bridges to Community. The organization is bringing sustainable development to my community of La Guama and we, as community members, are giving our all to help support the project and help those who are the poorest and have the most need. I hope the organization will support other communities in my country the way they have supported La Guama.

As a father of four, I am so happy my children now have a safe and comfortable home to continue to grow up in, and I hope they flourish. I want my children to continue to advance and have more in life than I did. I want them to study and progress to a higher economic status.”