Bridges to Community is a non-denominational/non-sectarian organization that embraces all faiths and encourages faith-based groups from all over the U.S. to bring a group to Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic to help their congregants find the joy and satisfaction in helping others in need.

Using the backdrop of poverty and desperate need, the leaders of faith-based organizations find it easy to interpret the meaning of their weekly messages while on a trip with Bridges to Community. The diversity of faith-based groups sending trips reinforces the Mission and Vision of Bridges to Community and increases the impact of our projects and programs.

Your group will work side by side with community members, helping them help themselves. In the evenings, groups are encouraged to reflect on their work using their faith as a guide.

Call Bridges to Community today to schedule a conversation about how your group can participate and benefit from a week in Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic. Contact us today to discuss your opportunities with Bridges to Community.