Education is Key for Paul Flores

Paul Flores is a Bridges scholarship student from the community of Los Lopez, Masaya. In his fourth year of university, he studies English at the Christian Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UCAN). 

Paul is also a husband and father to three daughters. Paul works in the storage area of a factory in a free trade zone from Monday through Friday to support his family. He also works as a welder on weekends for extra money. Paul says, “I have a marvelous family. I love my three daughters with all of my heart. All three are studying in school right now. I want them to study and better themselves.” 

Paul is very grateful to Bridges for his scholarship and his greatest motivator is his family. He says, “I finished high school at 18, but, because of my economic situation, I was not able to continue my studies. I thank Bridges and the scholarship program donors; without their support, I would not have the opportunity to study. Motivated by my wife, who is so supportive of me, I was able to start studying at university four years ago. I am achieving my goal of becoming a professional, all with the intent of giving my family a better life and also serving my community better.”

Paul has always served his community. For six years, he has been active on the Executive Board of the Potable Water Committee (CAPS) in Los Lopez. Paul explains, “We are currently working on a project to build a well in our community to have water 8 hours a day instead of two hours a day every other day.” Paul has also worked with Bridges and participated in various projects that the organization has carried out in Los Lopez. He has volunteered in the construction of various homes as part of our housing project and participated in the construction of the Los Lopez health center.

Paul hopes that he will be able to better serve his community with the knowledge and degree he will acquire through his studies. He says, “In my studies right now, I am planting the seed that will eventually help my community and my family grow. I want to be an example and show my daughters how an individual can serve the greater good in society and help create change.”