Ebanny Lebrón de la Cruz: DR Community Leader

Ebanny Lebrón de la Cruz, 32, is the Community Coordinator of Gajo Largo, a neighborhood of our partner community of La Guama, Dominican Republic. When Bridges expanded our work to this section of La Guama last year, she was elected by her neighbors to lead the committee.

Ebanny says, “Of course I said yes because I like to do this type of work in service of my community. The real meaning of life is found in serving others. It is an honor and a privilege that my fellow community members and leaders chose me to be the Community Coordinator of Gajo Largo. They believe in me and trust me and I have a responsibility to them.”

In her role as Community Coordinator, Ebanny works hand in hand with Bridges staff to plan, coordinate and execute projects; so far, Bridges is working on housing, latrines, and fruit trees in Gajo Largo. 

Ebanny has gone house-to-house visiting with community members to encourage the community to get involved in the Bridges projects. She says, “The best part about the people in my neighborhood is they are always willing to collaborate. I am not doing this alone, my community is fighting alongside me for a better life and better conditions.

I dream of Gajo Largo completely transformed. We are plagued by lack of jobs and economic opportunities in this area so people live in poor conditions, many don’t even have the basic necessities. There really is a lot of need and I want my community to have the basic conditions necessary for life: dignified housing and a good education, all of the most necessary things to develop and grow. I know we will achieve many of these things with Bridges. Bridges is a dream come true for us.”

In addition to her duties as a community leader, Ebanny is a mother to three children: Hammerly (11), Dannielbis (5), and Ebdiel (3). She works Monday through Friday at a Family and Childhood Center. At her job, Ebanny collaborates directly with parents to improve child-rearing practices through workshops and house-to-house visits. Additionally, Ebanny studies at university on Sundays; she has four months left before she earns her teaching degree. She says, “It’s a lot of hard work to keep up with everything and does require some sacrifice. I have to be very organized and disciplined but it is worth it to achieve my goals. I aspire to work in my area and give my children a better life. I hope that my children will be able to become professionals and, even more importantly, I hope they will grow up to be good people who serve others.”