Community Fund Loan Helps Siuna Man Start Business and Support His Family

Edwin in his shop in Siuna.

Edwin Omar Zeledón (Siuna, Nicaragua) is an enterprising young man with many goals and aspirations for the future. He has been volunteering as secretary of the local Credit Committee on behalf of his neighborhood of Anexo Gaspar in Siuna since 2014. The credit committee oversees loans given out from the community fund.

Wheelchair-bound in a society where most make their living through physical labor, Edwin has also been a recipient of loans for his own business selling and repairing cell phones. Edwin says, “I got the idea of the cell phone repair shop because of my disability. Since I can’t walk, I am limited in the work that I can do, but I have always been a person with dreams and goals for the future. I wanted to be more independent and help my mother with my sister’s expenses; she has a chronic illness, and my mother doesn’t have many economic resources with which to take care of her.

So, I applied for a community fund loan. With the loans, I have been able to take a technical course on cell phone repair and maintenance, start my own small business, build a small store where I sell and repair cell phones, and continually invest in the shop. I have been able to earn a living to support my mom and sister with my work.”

Edwin’s sales are typically around US$210 per month, from which he nets about US$105 to cover his family’s expenses. The remaining US$105 he uses to reinvest in his business by buying parts and new cell phones to sell. 

Edwin says, “My disability doesn’t limit me from being a person with many dreams and goals for the future. First, I’d like to be able to help my family reach a more stable economic situation. To do so, I’d like to expand my business, offer more options to the public, and earn more. I am also saving little by little to reach US$320 to buy a new wheelchair, as my current one is in bad condition.”

Edwin is very grateful for the community fund loans that have helped him to support his family. He says, “The community fund loan program has been very beneficial to the families in the neighborhood where I live. I am so grateful to everyone who contributes to the projects that support families in need.”