Celebrating the Mother’s of Bridges: Marbely & Her New Home

Marbely Auxiliadora Picado Vega, 29 years old, is a single mother to two children, Cristel Edith, 14, and Delvin Antonio, 8 and lives in our partner community of San Joaquin, Nindirí. She works in agriculture as a field hand on several nearby farms and earns about $160 per month. Though she only studied through 4th grade, Marbely wants her children to continue their studies and fights to make sure they can attend school. Cristel is in her penultimate year of high school, and Delvin is in 3rd grade.

As a single mother supporting two children on $160 per month, Marbely was not in a stable economic position to build a dignified home of her own. Marbely’s old house was lent to her by her grandmother and made entirely of rusted, old zinc and rotten wood beams with a dirt floor. It was tiny and only fit three chairs and two beds and very hot during the dry season.

Marbely & her son in front of their old home.

However, with Bridges’ support, Marbely was able to build a new home of her own as part of the house repairs project that Bridges is carrying out in Nindirí this year. In the house repairs project, the housing beneficiary pays for a part of the materials and Bridges provides $1,500 in materials and labor to help build or repair the house. Marbely provided 320 blocks, 35 cement bags, gas to transport the blocks, and two new doors, in addition to food for the masons and her own manual labor working on the house.

Now, Marbely lives in a dignified home that she can call her own with her two children. She says, “I want to thank the organization Bridges to Community for helping me to build my house. I am so grateful because now my children have a good, decent house to live in. I wanted to have my own home so much, but I didn’t think I would be able to achieve it before I turned 40 years old. Thanks to the organization, I was able to make it happen much earlier! My heart is so happy.

We are going to continue fighting for the other families in our community who have inadequate housing. In the future, little by little my goal is to make an addition to the house. I want to build another room behind the house and a kitchen in front as something better to leave my children.”