Volunteer Highlight: Liz Keeffe, a Lifelong Impact & Career Path Redirected

“I did not have a strong sense of what I wanted to do and after my first trip to Nicaragua I suddenly did. I suddenly felt really, really passionate about something”. Liz Keeffe was 16 when she went on her first Bridges trip. As a member of Bedford Presbyterian Church, she had heard the experiences […]

University Partner Highlights: Carnegie Mellon shares their Bridges experience

Carnegie Mellon University has partnered with Bridges to Community since 2010, bringing dozens of volunteers down to Nicaragua to engage in meaningful service-learning. In this video, CMU explains how their service-learning partnership with Bridges has worked for them, and they look forward to their upcoming trip in July. This video also forms part of their […]

Volunteer Highlight: Gabriella’s Story

One of the things I find most difficult is describing experiences. Every experience is so unique to the individual going through it, and every emotion is so deeply felt. In my past article, “For Better or For Worse,” I wrote about my upcoming spring break trip to Nicaragua with Bridges to Community and my skepticism […]

Marietta College Volunteer Reflects on Bridges Trip

This article was published on January 27, 2016 online and appeared in Marietta College’s “The Marcolian.” The original article can be found on their website at: http://www.marcolian.com/?p=764. It has been reprinted here exactly as it appeared in the original. By Paul Bieniek On the evening of New Year’s Day 2016, I was sitting in my room […]

Volunteer Highlight: Marie’s Story

I have found the key to my experience in Nicaragua is attitude. I do not go thinking I am going to help a community for a week. I go thinking I am going to be a PART of this community for a week.  That attitude forces me to open my heart and engage fully with […]

Volunteer Highlight: Eliza’s Story

I first participated in a Bridges to Community trip in 2011 with a group from St. John’s Episcopal Church in Larchmont, NY. I was so incredibly impressed by the attitudes and reflections it brought out in my peers, both young and old, and by the unwavering dedication to self- improvement and community improvement of the […]

Volunteer Highlight: Sammy’s Story

Flashback three years, to the start of my sophomore year of college. Going away to college had been an adventure in and of itself- being who I am, the girl who cries because she’s leaving home for one weekend to go on a trip with a friend, the girl who had to call home on […]

Volunteer Highlights: Adam Boerner’s Fundraising Success

Adam Boerner is not technically a volunteer…yet. A high school student and Life Scout with Troop 38 in New Berlin, Wisconsin, Adam was just an ordinary kid up until a couple of months ago, when he did something extraordinary: he signed up for a Bridges to Community trip through his church, the Unitarian Universalist Church […]

Volunteer Highlight: Julia’s Story

Julia Conrad, a junior at the University of Delaware, is not exactly new to Bridges to Community. Her first delegation trip dates back to when she attended John Jay High School, where she was part of the Bridges to Community Club that met after school. Having participated in two trips with John Jay, Julia knew […]

Volunteer Highlight: Matthias’ Story

Matthias Schildwachter, Educator, El Segundo, California “My experiences in Nicaragua gave me the courage to pursue certain jobs that would make me happy and Bridges to Community helped set me on this path.” In the summer of 2001, Matthias Schildwachter took the trip of a lifetime with Bridges to Community to Nicaragua with his three of his […]