Kelsie Nau Student Perspective: “Bridges Completely Changed Me Forever”

Kelsie Nau has been on three Bridges trips to Nicaragua with Arlington High School and has been greatly impacted by the Bridges experience. She says, “I was having a rough time before high school and Bridges completely changed me forever.” Kelsie admits that she was apprehensive before going on the trip. She says, “In all […]

Bedford’s Kathy & Peter DiBiasi: A Change in Perspective

Kathy DiBiasi and her son Peter, a senior at Fox Lane High School, are dedicated Bridges volunteers. They have been on three Bridges trips together, and Kathy herself had traveled on 8 Bridges trips to Nicaragua with Bedford Presbyterian Church before Peter turned 15 and began traveling with her. As the Director of Educational Ministries […]

Hanover’s Matt Prince: The Bridges Experience Breaks Down Barriers

Matt Prince, a Hanover High School teacher, has chaperoned students on 7 Bridges trips since 2012. With an international background—he taught several years abroad in Latin America and has also participated in different international travel programs across the world—he was convinced to take over Hanover High School’s program because of the students. He says, “When […]

Driven By Hope—Latrines in San Joaquin, Nindirí Provide Privacy & Hygiene to Families

Thanks to a group of generous friends and Bridges supporters in Puerto Rico, our Nindirí site built six latrines in July, six in September, and will be finishing up the last six of 18 approved latrines in the community of San Joaquin. These 18 families were selected to receive a latrine based on their current […]

Education Update: Two School Classrooms & Scholarship Student Gives Back to Communities as a Teacher

As the crisis continues in Nicaragua, Bridges has been honoring our commitments to our partner communities by building funded projects when it is safe, and materials are available. In August, the Nindirí site built a classroom at the school in Campuzano, funded by generous donors. Our Masaya site constructed a classroom at the school in […]

A Simple Reminder of the Important Things in Life: Katie Toal

We recently caught up with Katie Toal, a 3 Time Bridges Volunteer with Bronxville High School. She is now a senior at Darmouth College, majoring in neuroscience. Read what she has to say about her Bridges experience*: “I first got involved with Bridges to Community during my freshman year of high school at Bronxville, in […]

Driven By Hope–Teacher Perspective: David Albano, Fox Lane High School

David Albano, Fox Lane High School teacher, has organized and guided students on ten Bridges trips, beginning in 2008.  Though he has experience living in other cultures—he volunteered with the Peace Corps abroad and taught on the Navajo reservation—David is continually surprised by the impact of the trip and the depth of the relationships formed. […]

Driven By Hope–BTC’s Newest Scholarship Student: Marcos

Marcos Aurelio Salgado is an intelligent 13-year-old boy who lives in the community of Campuzano, Nindirí, Nicaragua. He was also born deaf. Marcos loves to go to school, but, was at first denied admission to elementary school as a young boy because of his disability and its incompatibility with the general public school. Though he […]

Driven By Hope–The Elrefais: A Bridges Family

The Elrefais are a Bridges family. Between the five family members, they have been on 23 Bridges trip. Parents Beth and Mohamed Elrefai have watched their three children, Kareem, 21, Waleed, 20, and Deena, 18, develop into adults, aided by their experience with Bridges. Both Kareem and Waleed went on their first Bridges trips at […]