Brothers Receive Bridges House After Their Home Burned Down in a Fire

Brothers Norsel and Liberato Ramírez Morillo were born in Caimonial, DR and have lived their whole lives in the community. They are also deaf and communicate with others through gestures. Nelson and Liberato had their own home, but the house burned down completely after a fire of unknown origin started about 4 years ago. Left […]

Bridges’ Youth Programs Inspire Youth to Lead and Plan for their Futures

Marianny Vicente Morillo is a 17-year-old high school student from the community of Caimonial DR. She has participated in Bridges to Community’s youth program since we began to work in her community more than four years ago. In particular, she has been heavily involved in the youth committees. Marianny says, “The Bridges youth program has […]

The Impact of Bridges: Christopher Rollins, Class of 2004

Christopher Rollins is an 8-time Bridges trip volunteer who traveled with Bridges for the first time in 2004, one of the class years that we will celebrate on May 2 at our 2019 Leadership Dinner. Christopher initially became involved with Bridges after his father and older brother traveled to Nicaragua with Bridges. When they returned […]

Scholarship Students & Small Business Owners Learn about Economic Development

In January, the Masaya and Nindirí scholarship students, community leaders, and recipients of community fund loans received a workshop on economic development and the creation of business plans. In our Masaya and Nindirí communities, many community members have received loans to begin small businesses, including corner stores, livestock, agriculture, beauty salons, shoemakers and sale of […]

Irised Mascaró Rosario: Bridges Staff

A native of San Juan de la Maguana, DR, Irised Mascaró Rosario is passionate about Bridges’ work. She began as an International Volunteer Coordinator in our DR site in February 2018 but since August 2018 is the Volunteer Services Administrator. Irised loves working for Bridges. She says, “Bridges completely won me over because of the […]

Elinabel Montero Montero: Youth Program Participant & Leader

Elinabel has been involved with Bridges to Community’s youth program in the Dominican Republic since the idea of the youth center came into existence. As a youth in Derrumbadero, she helped to fill the plastic bottles with sand alongside international volunteers who came to work on the construction of the Youth Center. Elinabel has also […]

Emily Holtzman: Bridges Trip Leader & Volunteer

Emily Holtzman became involved with Bridges during her college years at William and Mary. Her sophomore year, she traveled with Bridges for the first time to Nindirí, Nicaragua and it set off her passion for Bridges’ work. She loved the chance to establish connections with the community members and make a sustainable impact as she […]

First Home Built in New Partner Community of La Guama, DR

From January 19-27, Bridges to Community built our first house in La Guama and also received our first group of volunteers in the new community. Bridges staff have been working in La Guama, a small community that subsists on farming, for the past two years, leading workshops with youth and community leaders and building sanitary […]

New Bridges Homes Provide Security for Families to Grow

Albillenny Morillo, 23 years old, is one of the most recent Caimonial, DR community members to receive a new home, along with her husband Narciso (30), daughters Nancy (7) and Anlenn (1). Albillenny is especially grateful because the house was finished in time to welcome her soon-to-be-born baby, due to be born this week. Albillenny […]

Scholarship Student Consuelo Rodriguez Develops Organic Coffee Business

Consuelo Rodríguez is a third-year accounting student at the University of the Autonomous Region of the Caribbean Coast (URACCAN University) in Siuna; from the community of Fonseca, Siuna, Consuelo has been a Bridges scholarship student since 2017. She heard about Bridges to Community in 2016, and the organization caught her attention. She says, “I love the […]