Driven By Hope – Family Gardens Mitigate Food Shortage

Because the crisis in Nicaragua has hit the capital city hard, and barricades block many major roads and highways, our Siuna site has been suffering from food shortages; the area depends heavily on the fruits, vegetables, and basic grains that are transported from Managua. In response, BTC has developed a family gardens project in the […]

Driven By Hope – Eva Perez in the DR

As the crisis in Nicaragua continues and volunteers continue to be diverted to our site in the Dominican Republic, Bridges to Community is bringing several friendly faces over to the Dominican Republic to assist our team and work with volunteers in the DR. One such friendly face is Eva Perez, a Siuna, Nicaragua native and […]

Driven By Hope – DR House Beneficiary Juana Murillo Medina

Juana Murillo Medina, 43, Caimonial, Dominican Republic Due to civil unrest in Nicaragua, twelve groups initially scheduled to go to Nicaragua in June and July rerouted to our Dominican Republic sites, and built and repaired twelve homes in our community of Caimonial. All of these houses are an unexpected blessing to the community of Caimonial; […]

In Memoriam of Stu Finkelstein, Bridges Champion & Former Board Member

Stu Finkelstein, a loyal Bridges champion, passed away on July 7, 2018. Known for being kind, generous, very smart, and full of life, he was totally dedicated to the people and organizations he believed in. In addition to doing pro bono work for Bridges to Community through his firm, Skadden Arps, he was a former […]

Driven By Hope – School Kitchen in La Ceibita, Nicaragua

Despite the unrest in Nicaragua, Bridges staff and masons were able to build a school kitchen in La Ceibita, Masaya in May.  This project had been at the top of the list of community needs since Bridges began work in la Ceibita because of its importance to feeding school children. Parents of children in the […]

Driven By Hope – Bridges Team Pulls Together During the Nicaragua Crisis

Dear Bridges to Community family, You may know that Nicaragua is facing a period of civil unrest that is unprecedented in our years in the country. Thank you for your thoughts and messages during this time of instability. Your concern and support mean so much to our team. The conflicts in Nicaragua have occurred throughout […]

Happy Father’s Day: Bridges Brings Hope to Nicaraguan Fathers

Diter Alberto Cano, Comején, Masaya Diter Alberto Cano is a 46-year-old father to three boys, Jose Daniel (16 years old), Sammy Josue (11 years old), and Eryin Adonis (9 years old). He and his family live in Comején, Masaya, Nicaragua and are Bridges house beneficiaries; they worked together with Bridges and the Winter Business Professionals […]

Happy Father’s Day: BTC Masons are Wonderful Fathers & Role Models

All of Bridges to Community’s masons are known for being exemplary fathers. As most have been working for Bridges for years upon years, Bridges staff, community members, and volunteers alike respect them and the hard, sometimes backbreaking work they do to provide for their families and especially their children. Wilmer Gonzalez, better known as Taz, […]

Happy Fathers’ Day: Supporting Fathers in the Dominican Republic

Bartoló Gomez de Oleo, Derrumbadero Bartoló Gomez de Oleo, 60 years old, lives in the community of Derrumbadero, Dominican Republic and works in agriculture. He has raised 10 children and 12 grandchildren in his lifetime, acting as the father to all of them. Bartoló is “known as the model father, and his family the model […]