Bridges Home Brings Safety and Security

This year, Bridges built 18 houses in our partner community of La Guama, D.R. With sturdy cinderblock walls and a roof attached to the foundation instead of a wobbling structure cobbled together from scrap lumber and plastic sheeting, the homes we build remain standing after a hurricane. With a cement floor instead of damp dirt […]

Scholarship Student Marcos Perez Finishes Elementary School

Marcos Perez Salgado is Bridges to Community’s youngest scholarship student at 14 years old. Marcos was also born deaf. Though Marcos always liked going to school, he was initially denied admission to elementary school as a young child because of his disability. He eventually began attending public school, but had trouble understanding and communicating; neither […]

Community Fund Loan Helps Siuna Man Start Business and Support His Family

Edwin Omar Zeledón (Siuna, Nicaragua) is an enterprising young man with many goals and aspirations for the future. He has been volunteering as secretary of the local Credit Committee on behalf of his neighborhood of Anexo Gaspar in Siuna since 2014. The credit committee oversees loans given out from the community fund. Wheelchair-bound in a […]

Volunteering with Bridges: A Family Affair

Megan McCarthy and her brother-in-law Harry Sober have been on six Bridges trips. They were so impacted by their first experience on a trip to Nicaragua in 2011 that they decided to take all of their nieces and nephews with them when they turn 15. They have traveled with eight of their nieces and nephews […]

New Bridges Home Offers Economic Opportunity

Johana del Socorro Busto López’s family used to live in a crowded home in bad shape in their community of Piedra Menuda, Nindirí, Nicaragua. However, their lives completely changed when they received a Bridges home in February of 2012. Now Johana, her husband Lenin, her mother Julia Migdalia, and her two children, Jared Lenin and […]

Masaya Scholarship Student Gives Back to Her Community

Tamara Mercado from the community of El Comején 1, Masaya, Nicaragua, is just one of the many students whose life was changed by Bridges’ education program in 2019. Tamara has always been motivated and had goals for her life. However, due to her family’s financial situation, getting a university degree seemed to be unreachable; her […]

Bridges Partnership Transforms DR Community

Bridges to Community’s multi-dimensional approach to poverty alleviation transforms our communities. As we complete our 5-year plan in the community of Caimonial, Dominican Republic, we sat down with community leaders to get their perspective on the change they’ve witnessed since we first began our partnership years ago. Dinabia Medina, Caimonial community leader, says, “Caimonial has […]

Scholarship Student from Nindirí Becomes a Leader in his Community

Jorge Luis Hernández López is a driven young adult from the community of El Portillo, Nindirí. From a family of little means, his mother (and the sole provider for her family), worked hard as a housekeeper to keep her two children in school. When Bridges partnered with their community in 2011, Jorge Luis became part […]

Blanca Expands Fast Food Business with Community Fund Loan

Blanca Liliam Cruz Zeas lives with her husband and two children in El Mojón, Jinotega, Nicaragua. Blanca is exceptionally hard-working and has always recognized the importance of earning her own money. A few years ago, Blanca opened a small business making and selling different types of fast foods like potato and plantain chips, enchiladas, nacatamales, […]

Micro-Loan Funds Computer Class for Jinotega Community Leaders

Community leaders from Sasle and El Mojón (Jinotega, Nicaragua) worked together to organize and fund a computer class for their local credit committees. The Sasle community fund loaned $1,222USD, and the El Mojón loaned $1,375USD for this 6-month computer class, which provides an official “Microcomputer Operator” certificate upon completion. 14 community leaders in total, 7 […]