Business Professionals


Since 2003 Bridges to Community has benefited from business professionals volunteering with us through their company or as a team of colleagues. These professionals travel with us for one week at a time, building desperately needed community infrastructure such as houses and schools, while also raising the funds to underwrite these critical needs.

Not only do these volunteers build a house in just one week, they also engage in a significant life experience that fosters personal growth and builds team spirit.

Veterans of our Business Professional trips revel in the high caliber of Bridges logistics and planning and how the project left them with a sense accomplishment as well as a special connection to a family and a community.

Mark Rollins, CEO of Rollins Insurance Agency states “I have made over 15 trips and each time I leave with a renewed sense of amazement as to what small group of dedicated professionals can accomplish in such a short time. No other volunteer experience leaves me with such a powerful connection to just one family or one community. First time volunteers on these Business Professionals trips often travel down thinking they are ones that are creating the change, when in fact, they are the ones being changed.”

Ready to sign up for one of Bridges to Community’s currently scheduled Business Professional trips? Do you want to organize one for your own company or colleagues? Doing so will change your life forever. Contact us today to get involved and to discuss your opportunities with Bridges to Community.