Brothers Receive Bridges House After Their Home Burned Down in a Fire

Nelson and Liberato’s new home in Caimonial.

Brothers Norsel and Liberato Ramírez Morillo were born in Caimonial, DR and have lived their whole lives in the community. They are also deaf and communicate with others through gestures.

Nelson and Liberato had their own home, but the house burned down completely after a fire of unknown origin started about 4 years ago. Left without a home and no belongings, the brothers have struggled to recuperate. They had to live with different family members; though both brothers work in agriculture, tending to livestock and planting beans, pigeon peas, and corn, they had been unable to scrape enough savings together since the fire to build a new home. However, the various family members’ homes were overcrowded as it was and the living situation started to cause some problems in the family.

Nelson (L) and Liberato (R)

The Caimonial community leaders, seeing this situation, decided that they wanted Bridges to build a new house for Nelson and Liberato. In February, Bridges and Narragansett High School volunteers built Nelson and Liberato’s new home. Both thoroughly enjoyed the experience working with the volunteers, particularly Nelson who was excited to explain as much about Dominican culture and his life as he could.

They are both exceptionally grateful to have the new home, as they indicated through sign language. They moved into their house just three days after the group left and the house was finished, wasting no time in making it into a true home. The new house gives them a renewed sense of safety, security, and dignity.