Bridges’ Youth Programs Inspire Youth to Lead and Plan for their Futures

Marianny Vicente Morillo is a 17-year-old high school student from the community of Caimonial DR. She has participated in Bridges to Community’s youth program since we began to work in her community more than four years ago. In particular, she has been heavily involved in the youth committees. Marianny says, “The Bridges youth program has been so beneficial to me. I and my fellow youth have learned so many things. We have received workshops on youth empowerment, how to become an empowered person, how to plan for the future, goals-setting, and reproductive health, among others.”

Not only has Marianny learned a lot herself, but she has seen a great change in the youth of her community

Marianny (middle) at the 2018 Bridges youth camp

because of the youth committees. She says, “Before, many of the youth were so shy they couldn’t even introduce themselves. Now we are able to talk to anyone…before, the youth didn’t really have goals for their lives or do productive things with their time…We didn’t see how we could make something of ourselves and better ourselves and our community. Now we have goals and a path toward a better future… Many of us want to study and become professionals.”

Marianny is the current Vice President of the Caimonial Youth Committee. In this leadership role she takes on so effortlessly, Marianny motivates other youth to participate and plan for their futures. Marianny credits Bridges with changing the path of her future and her goals. She hopes to study education at university after she graduates from high school. She wants to come back to her community a professional to make a change and better the lives of people there.