Bridges Families Highlight: Maria

Maria is a mother of four children who, for years, had no permanent home to live in. She was forced to constantly move the children, staying wherever someone was able to make space them.

After years of hard work, Maria was able to purchase a small piece of land and settle her family. From there, she cobbled together a home of wooden plank and plastic (see photo – left). There was no electricity or latrine, but it was the best that she could do. Caught in a cycle of poverty, Maria was forced to leave her children home alone while she worked in the fields picking coffee in order to earn just enough to feed and cloth them. The poor living conditions her family suffered caused the authorities to take her two youngest children away from her.

But in 2016, all this changed thanks to Bridges to Community. Maria and her family received the very first house we built that year (see photo – right)! “You saved me.” she told me. “For years I had dreamed of getting just the simplest of materials to improve our house for my children but I couldn’t afford them. Now that Bridges volunteers have given me a real home I think I’ll get custody of my two children again. I can’t wait to have them living under my roof. It will be the happiest thing for me to have them home again. Thank you Bridges for making it possible.”