Bridges Families Highlight: Esmelda Hernandez

In June of this year, Bridges to Community staff visited a family who would be the next beneficiary family of the housing program in Campuzano, Nicaragua. As they approached, a young girl ran to greet them. “I’m going to get a new house,” she declared. Her mother, Esmelda Hernandez, ran after her, smiling.  Esmelda applied for a home with Bridges to Community in 2013, the first year that Bridges began working with her community, located in the municipality of Nindiri.

“It was very difficult for us to get the title to our land,” she explained. Esmelda reached out to Bridges who consulted with a lawyer who was able to expedite her case. After eight months, her family was granted an official title to the land, and shortly thereafter they were selected to receive a house through Bridges to Community’s housing program. Esmelda lives with her husband, Marvin, and their two daughters: Daniela, who is six and had greeted the team, and Carla Vanessa who is 10 and attends 5th grade at the nearby primary school.

“My husband and I had worked for eight years to acquire little by little the materials to build the house we currently have,” Esmelda said of her humble home built mostly of corrugated tin. Esmelda and her husband Marvin both work at a nearby Okra farm where Marvin picks the Okra and Esmelda packages it up for shipment.  “It is such a blessing to be receiving this home. It will be such a huge help for our family.”

No more than a month after that visit, Esmelda and her family were moving items into their new home, made of concrete blocks, with sturdy doors and windows. Esmelda was so grateful for all of the help she received from the Bronxville High School volunteers, who had constructed the home alongside her and her family. She says that she is planning to use the materials for the old house to attach another bedroom to the house.