Aracely’s Family Finally Has Home of their Own

Aracely del Socorro Méndez and her husband Luis Noel Siles live in the community of El Mojón, Jinotega, Nicaragua Aracely’s sister, Lucia, 17, and two children, Bryan, 12, and Luis Noel, 6 months. Both Aracely and her husband grew up on El Mojón and have lived there their whole lives. Aracely stays at home with the children and also raises pigs for extra income. Luis Noel drives a truck on a nearby farm.

Aracely and Luis’s old home was in terrible condition and at risk of collapsing. The house was constructed poorly on eroding soil; likewise, due to rain and other weather conditions, the wood walls of the house were deteriorating. However, they could not afford to repair their home. 

Aracely and children in front of their old home.

Their home was so unsafe that they decided to go live with Aracely’s cousin, who also has her own family of four in their small home. Aracely says, “We appreciate so much my cousin’s support and generosity, but it was not easy to live in a house that is not mine. Being in a house that isn’t ours was uncomfortable because we were many people (and two families) living in a small space. It was also difficult to make decisions for my family in a space like that.”

After living with her cousin for 13 months, Bridges built Aracely and her family a new home in August 2019 and she is incredibly grateful. She is so happy to have her own space again, the privacy that she and her family need, and the security of a new home that is built in a safe way, so that they will never need to worry about the house collapsing.

Aracely says, “We would never have been able to build our new home without your support. I am immensely grateful to God, to the donors, and all those who have made it possible for my dream to come true. I am so happy to have my own home. I am very grateful to this project for its unconditional support for people with limited resources.”