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International Volunteer Coordinators- 3 positions

Position Summary

We are looking to fill 3 International Volunteer Coordinator positions with dynamic candidates from the United States and Canada! Volunteer coordinators work with volunteer groups from North America that come to live and work in rural communities in Nicaragua on community development  and service learning projects. Volunteer coordinators are assigned to one of our national sites where they will work closely with our multicultural program staff, and work under the supervision of the Site Coordinator, the Nicaraguan management team in our central office, and our executive staff in NY.  Site conditions are basic, reflecting the need of the communities where we work; volunteer coordinators should be prepared for camp-like conditions during service trips.  Volunteer coordinators are responsible for preparing the logistics and cross-cultural service learning activities of volunteer groups, for leading those trips, and for any necessary follow-up.  Volunteer coordinators are also expected to participate in community development activities, and occasionally to assist with fundraising efforts.

Essential Job Criteria

Education: Bachelor’s degree or combination of education and experience providing the required skill and knowledge for successful performance.

Experience: Two years working with volunteer groups or other similar groups.  Experience with adventure trips, camp groups, and other similar activities preferred.

Skills: Strong Spanish and English language skills; ability to work in a multicultural context; experience facilitating volunteer groups or other similar groups (camp groups, etc);  a dynamic, positive disposition; The ability and willingness to physically participate with volunteers on development projects such as construction, reforestation, and others; ability to problem solve and function well under pressure; knowledgeable about Latin American and/or Nicaragua; a clean driver’s license; ability to manage and track money and expenses; willingness to work without set schedule, such as weekends and evenings; basic computer literacy required; Standard transmission trucks are the primary means of transportation into and out of these communities.  The ability to drive a manual-transmission vehicle is REQUIRED.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Plan cross-cultural service learning groups throughout the year
  • Create and manage budgets and funds for groups
  • Manage project preparation (such as delivery of materials, preparation of dorm sites, scheduling of additional staff)
  • Work with site team in community development initiatives, such as:
    • -community assessments, project implementation, project monitoring and evaluations, contracted staff trainings, bazaars etc.
  • Coordinate with mason team to guarantee construction materials, quantity of tools, know construction site, make sure its safe and organized before group arrives
  • Coordinate and participate in tasks and activities for volunteers on the construction worksite
  • Coordinate ahead of time with masons, community leaders and contracted staff to guarantee that everything is planned
  • Facilitating interactions between volunteers and community members and staff
  • Guarantee a quality service learning experience; create and facilitate reflections, cultural exchanges, educational activities
  • Communicate with group organizers and volunteers prior to trips about trip activities and projects and trip preparation
  • Report to volunteers and others on project development and completion
  • Reporting to US staff and volunteer contacts during and after volunteer trips

This is a salaried position with benefits package. Contracts are for 6 months to one year depending on the organization’s need, and are renewable in some circumstances. We are currently hiring in the sites of Jinotega, Nindiri and Siuna with the following contract start dates:

Jinotega: October 22, 2017- July 30, 2018

Siuna: December 1, 2017- July 30, 2018

Nindiri: December 1, 2017- July 30, 2018

Please send resume and cover letter in English to

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